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"I am the Captain of my Ship and 

the Master of my Faith"

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About me

Meet Fran

Leadership Coach | Organisational Coach | Mom and MischiefMaker

I’m a daring, purpose-driven leadership coach and for the last 20 years, I’ve been at the helm of growing organizations.  


I know how much courage, energy and discomfort it takes to elevate your teams and yourself to the next level, to realize your vision, dreams and ambition.

I coach and work with leaders who are in the business of changing the world, making an impact for people and planet and who are determined to achieve their goals and potential.


As a mental fitness coach, I will enable you to pivot, become resilient and true to yourself.



Why me

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Being able to look at you and your organisation from a fresh perspective allows me to ask the questions needed to be asked, a mirror in which reflection can take place.


Is not a buzz-word. It’s the result of “owning your shit”, working with an operating system and giving yourself permission to embark on your own journey.


Ready for Constant Change

Is what you get when you become not only physically fit, but above all else, mentally fit with an operating system to fall back on.


Start your journey



Mental Fitness (PQ)
The X-Factor in Performance & Happiness.
Invest in your mental fitness like you're investing in your physical fitness.



Organisations transitioning from StartUp to ScaleUp, need to introduce fundamental behavioural changes in the way business executed and your people are engaged.

Get free 45 min inspiration Meet Up with Fran

People and organisations are always unique. That calls for a bespoke approach in a structured way. Let's explore together what works for you!


What people say

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Francesca is a true Queen of Ops. She knows the core fundamentals of business operations, so she can explain everything from the actual needs of the business itself. Immediately turning theory into practical and pragmatic tooling and working sessions, tailored to the understanding and needs of a fast-growing scaleup.

Willem Kesteloo

Co-Founder & CTO PHYSEE

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