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Organisational Coaching

When companies transition from StartUp to ScaleUp, fundamental behavioural changes are needed in how business is conducted and executed and how your teams are engaged.
Practise and experience have shown, that working harder is not the solution, often that’s exactly the problem.

The primary focus needs to be on fostering new behaviours and the adoption of new strategies disciplines of planning and execution.

I understand what company’s go through when they’re scaling from experience.

Your team, the structures you adopt and the leadership you chose to conduct will make the real difference. Real change is driven through people understanding the purpose, through self-management and contributions from their strength and skills. And this is the contribution I bring.

"Culture follows structure"
Image by Nikita Kachanovsky

What will your team learn?

  • How to translate strategy into a yearly execution plan

  • How everybody will operate, collaborate and contribute in

  • quarterly iterations (OKRs)

  • How to adopt a metric-driven decision-making organisation

  • How to map process efficiencies, eliminate waste and constantly improve

  • How to increase your NPS & employee engagement

  • How to achieve sustainable growth (people, income, revenue)

  • And how to enjoy collaboration learning together and shaping your culture

Get free 45 min inspiration Meet Up with Fran

People and organisations are always unique. That calls for a bespoke approach in a structured way. Let's explore together what works for you!

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