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Why one should never waste a good crisis?

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

TheOpsKitchen iterates and renews itself into

2020 has been an extraordinary event in so many aspects. On a personal level, many have lost loved ones to Covit-19, are not able to be with family and friends and had to battle with ill health and existential challenges.

On a business perspective, the global pandemic had a huge impact on many businesses of entrepreneurs in my network, some have had to pack it in and some have gone through a total transformation and renewal.

I was lucky enough that my health and my loved ones are ok but my little business, that was just taking off since the beginning of 2018 took a hard hit. Being a “one-woman-show” and the main breadwinner in the house meant to navigate in uncharted waters.

My general crisis process looked something like this:

  1. Initial panic mixed with hope and innovative ideas during the first lockdown

  2. A sprinkle of despair after the summer holidays when the realisation set in that this situation was not “vanishing” anytime soon. A new reality was here to be embraced.

  3. Followed by a “mental fitness” coaching training (PQ) in the fall, which finally helped me see the gift that was here for me all along in this whole situation, the gift of constant change.

The Only Constant is Change

Yes, you read it correctly, this year has been a gift for me!

The gift of reconnection and reflection, the gift of a renewed focus and newfound resilience and the gift of innovation and deep appreciation.

It became so clear: I’m a coach and always have been.

While working under my “TheOpsKitchen” brand for almost 3 years, I realised that at the backbone of everything I did (and continue to do) lay in coaching and the love for the human condition.

I coach teams to adopt new, scalable frameworks so they can transform a strategy into measurable objectives, key results, to create a “business cadence” that allows them to collaborate and continuously learn and grow together.

I coach individual founders and upcoming leaders to reach the outcomes they desire, their full potential amidst limiting beliefs.

I design and deliver training programs for accelerators and academies, that combine my professional and personal experience, my know-how and my love of “paying it back” to the next generation entrepreneurs and ….

… guessed it, coaching is a fundamental part as well. Asking insightful questions, acknowledging what’s there, encouraging explorations.

Hence, TheOpsKitchen has become the new

Do you have outcomes you want to reach next year?

Are limiting beliefs, stress and old patterns holding you back? Is your team, your business ready to operate at scale?

Yes, ready?

Well, let’s talk and book a free 30-minute consultation with me.

We are the sum of the people that support us.

I would like to stand still and acknowledge my "tribe", my friends and family that have supported me throughout this year in particular with my struggles and transformation. We are the sum of the people that support us and I'm very grateful to be in such loving and inspiring company.

Wishing you and your families good health and a new, transformational 2021!

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